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Brevard 4/27-29/18

Took a 30 minute trek down the mountain to Brevard for the weekend. Friday was a beautiful night for my HMH jewelry’s Brevard premiere at the Color Wheel Gallery’s Grand Opening and Artist Reception. We had a great turn out, funky tunes, and delectable food. Thank you, HMH friend, Joy for the lovely pictures of the evening!

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Easter/Passover Week 2018 Greenville, Sapphire, Asheville, Brevard, Greenville again, & back to Sapphire


Happy was all over WNC and SC this past week. We were only home in Sapphire, from our last trip to Greenville, for two nights before loading up again and heading out. We left Friday afternoon to go to Asheville School to see Miles play baseball. It was cold, windy, and drizzly, so we should get parents of the year for staying the entire game. Miles played a new position at 3rd base. Both, he and the Blues, had a great game with a 5-3 win over Asheville HS. So glad we were there!

We left Asheville after the game and drove back to Brevard, where we spent the weekend camping at Hollywood, my friend Holly’s mountaintop property. One of our fave boondocking spots.

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Sunburst Trail, West Fork Pigeon River, Pisgah National Forest 2/23/14

February 2014, we took a day trip to Waynesville, NC, visiting for the first time. We had a bite to eat at City Bakery, walked around a bit, then went in to Mast General Store to ask for a hiking recommendation. The eager clerk, told us about a nice little hike with lots of water in the Sunburst area, which sounded like exactly, what we were looking for. The clerk gave us some loose directions. Being totally unfamiliar with the area, we hoped for the best. As instructed, we turned on the Forest Service Rd off of Hwy 215 (Lake Logan Rd), just after the Sunburst Campground. We parked in a small gravel lot right before the river crossing. The trailhead was just in front of the parking.

The trail followed the river the entire way with great scenery and a fabulous rushing water symphony. We hiked through the rhododendron forest the entire way. The trail ended at a nice little fall with lots of cascades. We probably only hiked a mile in and a mile out, but it was late afternoon and we had to head back to Greenville, so it was perfect.

Easy little hike with lots of bang for the buck. The trail is gorgeous and easy enough to do with children or inexperienced hikers.

We heard later, that we missed the Sunburst Water Fall, stone arched bridge, and swimming hole just up the road North of the Forest Service Rd on Hwy 215. Also, the Green Knob Trailhead is right there at Sunburst Falls. It is supposed to be one of the most challenging in the region. Looks like we need to go back, camp at the Sunburst Campground, and make a weekend of it. Eager to return and explore this area more.


If coming from Waynesville North on Hwy 215 (Logan Lake Rd), Turn Right on the Forest Service Rd, just after passing the campground.

If coming from the Parkway South on Hwy 215 (Logan Lake Rd), Turn Left on the Forest Service Rd, just after crossing the bridge over the river.

Here’s the address to Sunburst Campground for Google Maps or the like: 7705 Lake Logan Rd, Canton, NC 28716

Alternate Parking:

Ford the river seen here in the last picture and park in that lot, if the small gravel one is full.