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Go West Travel Journal, Day #6, 10/17/17 AR-OK

Go West Travel Journal, Day #6, 10/17/17 AR-OK
Today was our longest travel day, thus far. We left the beauty and euphoria of Blanchard Springs and the Ozarks, headed to Wes Watkins Reservoir, a public campground in Oklahoma just off I-40.

Typically, we stay at State Park, National Forest, and National Park campgrounds. This was simply, somewhere to spend the night in OK, after an exhaustive search for more of what we’re used to, turned up nothing. Kind of a let down after where we’d come from. I’m spoiled from all the dreamy campgrounds, where we normally camp. This is where the High Maintenance comes in, sorry.

Wes Watkins Reservoir, was fine for the night, but no Blanchard Springs. When we first pulled in near dark, we saw nothing, but empty parking lot, after empty parking lot. We thought, there wasn’t an actual campground and you could just park in their parking lot. Didn’t like that idea of sitting there by ourselves all night. Felt like we’d be sitting ducks, saying come rob us. We debated, just leaving and breaking down and camping for the first time at a Walmart.


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