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Greenville Meetings, Blue Ridge, GA Fun, & Standing Indian Hiking 10/12-14/18

Got dash puppy, will travel! Pippa has taken to riding in the dash cubby in Happy, lately. She hyper focuses for hours, hunting the leaves in the hood or caught in the wipers or imaginary critters when there are no leaves. It’s really funny! We drove down the mountain to Greenville, Thursday evening to spend the night in Julianne’s driveway, so Wiley could wake up to be there first thing Friday morning for company meetings. After work on Friday, we were to head to my longtime friend, Suzanne’s in the mountains of Blue Ridge, GA for the weekend. We woke Friday morning, ate in the van, then parked in Wiley’s company parking lot. I stayed in the van and hung out with the puppies in the morning while Wiley was in meetings. My friend, Kathy, who was also going to Suzanne’s, came to get me at lunchtime, so I could ride with her to Blue Ridge. Wiley and the puppies would come later. Kathy and I had a fun road trip. It ended up being an hour longer than normal due to Kathy missing a turn, but we were so busy chatting, we didn’t mind. I was thrilled to arrive and see Suzanne. It had been six months, which was too long.

Wiley arrived just in time for a big Blue Ridge dinner at Suzanne’s. It was a house full of friends and relations, totaling 11 people. Suzanne had cooked chili and cornbread, I made a big salad, and Suzanne’s mom baked a to die for coconut custard pie. I cooked a lamb shank for Wiley, as he’s doing the Low FODMAPs diet. Typically, I eat what Wiley eats since it’s just the two of us, but I was on vacation, so splurged and ate chili. We sat around the table and talked for hours. It was a really fun evening. Continue reading Greenville Meetings, Blue Ridge, GA Fun, & Standing Indian Hiking 10/12-14/18

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Go West Travel Journal, Day #1 10/12/17, WNC

Go West Travel Journal, Day #1 10/12/17, WNC

Last October, Wiley, the puppies, and I took our biggest adventure yet. We drove our “Happy  Camper” from our home in the WNC mountains to the Grand Canyon on an almost 3wk trip. I haven’t shared the experience previously, because I had planned on writing it as a blog post on our website, that just came to be. The website was on the back burner, because my live-in tech support husband was busy on his own work projects and had not gotten to building our website. Now, that we’re live, I can finally share the journey. I’ll post it one day at a time, so you can get a sense of what it was like for us, as we traveled. Hope you enjoy the ride and that it inspires your own cross country road trip. Here we go!

We were set to leave on Saturday, 10/14, to drive as far as the Nashville area, from our home base in Sapphire, NC. After work on Thursday, being all packed up days in advance, and busting with excitement, we decided to leave a couple of days early. Got a last minute campsite at one of our nearby faves, Standing Indian CG, which we took as a sign. We were off!

Standing Indian is a dream of a campground, hidden deep in the Nantahala National Forest. It’s “surrounded by 5,000′ peaks and crossed by several natural streams. It sits at an elevation of 3,880 feet at the headwaters of the scenic Nantahala River, amidst lush forests of evergreen trees and rhododendrons”. There is tons of phenomenal hiking from the campground and the AT Rock Gap trailhead is just outside the campground, as well.

We hiked upon arrival along the river and streams in the campground, before turning in. Got up bright and early and hiked one of our favorite trails, the Kimsey Creek Trail, before heading out towards Blue Ridge, GA to boondock at a friend’s mountain place. So long NC, thanks for the fabulous send off!