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Boondocking in Greenville 3/25-28/18

Wiley had to run some training in Greenville for a group from Minneapolis Monday and Tuesday this week. We boondocked at his parents’ Sunday-Wednesday. We spent time visiting with them, which is always nice. Over the several days, I was in town, I went to dinner at Kannikkas, tea at Starbucks and Coffee Underground, had an impromptu Asheville School Greenville moms “PTA” meeting at Nose Dive, and even went to the movies. Love catching up with my Greenville tribe and keeping up those friendships. I have been friends with some of those girls for almost 20yrs. I cherish them.

Tuesday, we had our granddaughter, Bee for the entire day. She and I made jewelry and played puppies in a “playroom” at the Next Building, while waiting for Wiley to break for lunch. We ate at Zoe’s Kitchen then played on the playground at Cleveland Park. Wiley had to return to work. I took Bee to visit dear friends, who gave her a harmonica. She was thrilled with the gift. She seems to be quite musical. She figured out which were the high notes and the low notes. She told me the low notes were sad notes. We need to get that girl some type of music lessons. She said, she and Pop (Wiley) could be a band with him on guitar and her on harmonica. I love it!

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Go West Travel Journal, Day #4 10/15/17 TN

Go West Travel Journal, Day #4 10/15/17 TN
Left Thompson Station, TN and finally got on I-40, which would be taking us across the country, almost all the way to the Grand Canyon. It really seemed like, we were doing this thing now, getting out of familiar territory for Happy. She’d never been this far West.

Going home. For a lot of people that means a lot of different things. For me, it’s difficult, and not something, I talk about much. My mother died of Leukemia at age 53, when I was 26 and pregnant with my first child. To me, Memphis takes me back to the horrific two weeks prior to my mother’s death. I hadn’t been to Memphis in 11yrs. Wiley had never been. We always meet my dad elsewhere to get together.

I was really excited to see my dad and share our journey with him. It made my heart happy that he was a part of this experience, seeing how he and my mom are the source of my passion for camping and the outdoors. All my fondest childhood memories are in tents, campers, or on the trail. We started as babies camping in tents, graduated to a Class “C”, then a Class “A”, before my parents became too High Maintenance in the 80’s, sold the RV, and bought a beach house. It happens.

We arrived in Memphis on my niece, Scarlet’s 4th birthday. It was perfect timing really, a celebration of life and her precocious little self, made it easier for me to be home. Scarlet is too cute for words! We had a ball celebrating her birthday at my dad’s house with lots of family and neighbors.

My sister, Peyton, had made tons of food for the party. She packed up a bunch of left overs and sent them with us, as we headed out the next morning. Nigel and Pippa saw some deer on the far side of my dad’s pond, right as we were about to leave. They came unhinged! So exciting!

I squeezed my dad, and we said our goodbyes. I was looking forward to driving through Memphis and downtown on I-40, so Wiley could see it. So many memories from a life, long ago, that now seems like, someone else lived it or I saw it in a movie. I left home for college at 18, a couple of years shy of 30 yrs ago. I’m a Carolina girl now. I’ve lived there for all the time, since I left Memphis, with the exception of a 2yr stint in Dallas.

We drove through town, and my heart beat faster, as I saw the skyline of downtown, the Pyramid, and the bridge over the Mississippi. As a teen with a car, I spent so much time downtown and on that river bank. I was flooded with memories and emotion, then we drove over the bridge into West Memphis, and it was all behind me, again. So long Memphis.