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Greenville, Helen GA, Unicoi State Park 4/19-22/18

Boondocked in Juliann’s driveway Thursday night in Greenville. Julianne, Wiley, and I went out to Grateful Brew for a few drinks and to catch up, followed by a delicious dinner at our old neighborhood haunt, the Pita House. Fun night!

We picked up our granddaughter, Bee Friday morning and got on the road South to Helen, GA for the weekend. We had never been to the town of Helen, but were not overly enthusiastic, thinking it would be a tacky tourist trap, like Myrtle Beach or Gatlinburg. Yes, it was touristy, but tiny and cute. Super fun with a 5yr old. Had a delicious lunch on the river at the Troll Tavern (Best pretzel ever with cheese/veggie soup dip) followed by a visit to the Hansel & Gretel Candy Shop. Got lots of goodies. They were scrumptious!

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