Hi! The High Maintenance Hippies, Ali and Wiley, here. In 2016, we bought a van, sold our home in Greenville, SC, bought a home base in the WNC mountain wonderland, known as Sapphire, and set out to live our dream.

Both, Wiley and I lost our mothers way too soon to cancer, Wiley’s in her late 30’s and mine in her early 50’s. Having experienced this kind of loss, we learned a difficult truth, that no one is promised tomorrow. We decided at age 45, rather than put off until retirement, all the dreams we had, like seeing the country in an RV or moving to the mountains, where we love to hike, that we wouldn’t wait. At the time, our son Wiley III was an adult out on his own, our son, Miles was in boarding school in Asheville, and our daughter Ashe was about to be a senior in high school, bound for college the following year. Once, we made the decision, everything just fell into place and we moved full steam ahead. We bought our “Happy Camper” in February 2016, sold our home in March without ever listing it, rented an apartment for 6 months in Greenville, while looking for a small home base in WNC for the children to come home to for breaks from school and summers, got Ashe graduated from high school in May, bought the mountain house in Sapphire and moved in July. Just like that, we had made our dreams into our reality.

Wiley is the Chief Systems Architect for a cloud service and technology company based in Greenville, SC. He is fortunate, to be able to work from anywhere, he has good internet access. This flexibility allows us to make Sapphire, our home base and working from the road, doable.

Ali blogs on the road, sharing our adventures and journey. My goal is that through my writing and pictures, I inspire others to get out there, travel, explore, and not put off their dreams. I design and create artisan natural and semi-precious stone jewelry, inspired by our travels.

Our adventure buddies are two shorty Jack Russell Terriers, Nigel, 8, and Pippa, 6. They are our children together, being our second marriages, and our nest, empty. They love life on the road, all the new smells, hiking, swimming, hunting, and exploring. They are the perfect trail, road, and camping buddies.

So, in a nut shell, this is us and our story. I hope, we inspire your own adventures. Glad to have you along for the ride!

We’d love to hear from you!