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Winter Wanderings Day #15, New Orleans, LA

Monday morning, we went to breakfast with Ashe’s precious friend, Kat and her two visiting Costa Rican Couch Surfers, Margot and Tanya. We met at Kat’s. I gave Kat a pair of silver and moonstone star earrings, I had made. She loved them and immediately put them on, which made me so happy. The five of us walked around the corner to Toast to eat. Kat is fluent in Spanish and Ashe conversational, currently taking Spanish as a senior at Tulane. Me, well, it had been 28yrs since I studied in Ecuador for a short semester, so finding the words to speak in Spanish was challenging, but I did my best, which was ok. We had a super fun meal. Loved hearing about the girls travels and lives. Kat had lived in Argentina and has been a touring musician, so she’s really interesting and bright. I got smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, and scrambled egg on toast, which was to die for. Kat ordered Aebleskivers for the table. They were crazy good, pancake balls covered in powdered sugar and served with your choice of dipping sauce. We got Nutella. They were insane! Toast is a breakfast or brunch must when in NOLA. Fabulous atmosphere and ridiculous food! Only in New Orleans, they have three locations across the city. Go!

After lunch, Kat’s visitors gave Ashe and me “Pura Vida” wooded key chains and Costa Rican chocolates, and Kat a beautiful, handpainted, wooden Costa Rica mug, which was so sweet. We drove the sisters to the French Quarter and said our goodbyes, as they set out to play tourists. We then went with Kat to NOPSI Hotel, the lovely boutique hotel, where she works. She showed us around the historic, former utility company building, turned chic hotel. She had to get to work, but told us to take the elevator up to check out the 9th floor rooftop. It was amazing! There was an infinity pool, cabanas, lounge chairs, and nice bar with lots of tables and 360 degree views of the Central Business District and Superdome. Highly recommend this hotel! It’s really special. Ashe and I took some skyline pics, said bye to Kat, then headed out to do a little shopping before she had to get to her afternoon Spanish class.

I drove Ashe to class and picked her up. She normally walks the 0.5mi, but we wanted to spend every minute together, we could. That afternoon we went to the locally owned pet store on Magazine St to buy more toys and treats for my spoiled grandkitty. That evening, we just stayed in and ate leftovers from the previous two days, so we could just chill and spend time together with Hugo. Love being with Ashe in her apartment. It is really a gift, seeing your child in their own home, making a life. She’s so happy and thriving in New Orleans. I’m thrilled for her. So grateful to be able to share it with her and for Wiley being willing to spare me for a few days to have this precious mother-daughter time.