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Winter Wanderings Day #9, Fort Pickens Campground, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Pensacola Beach, FL

Well, things took at turn for the worse…We woke Tuesday morning to 29 degree weather with a “RealFeel” of 20, not taking into account the wind, where we were camping on the narrow strip of land between two bodies of water. Yes, I’m speaking of Florida temperatures. It was just unbelievable. To say I was over it by that point, is an understatement. Being the wimp that I am, I stayed in the van most of the day. Not exactly what I had planned for the trip to Florida. It has been in the 40’s and 60’s in South Florida too, so it was happening state wide. There is talk of stunned iguanas, falling out of trees in South Florida due to the cold. So it’s not just me. LOL! The high Tuesday at Gulf Islands National Seashore was 46. I was staying hopeful, that the warmth would return soon, as promised. Please!

Well, our puppies are so lucky that Wiley is their dad. He layered up at lunchtime at 36 degrees, taking them on a more than generous hike on the Florida Trail, while I stayed in the warm, toasty van. I could not believe how long they were gone. Felt guilty, but not guilty.

By late afternoon, I could not take it, and had to get some exercise. I put on layers, hat, and gloves to brave the day’s high of 46 with 15 mph wind gusts. We walked down to the end of the boardwalk on the Gulf side. There was a huge strip of sand between the dunes, just before the beach. Since puppies aren’t allowed on the beach at the National Seashore, that was the closest we could get and a great place to play with the dunes blocking the wind. Nigel played ball and Pippa hunted, so all was right with the world. I was just glad to be out. With the right gear, I was fine. Sorry, I sound like a whiney brat. I know for a lot of you that is not that cold, but I was not built for cold, which is why we come to Florida in the winter. I’m hearty and outdoorsy until it’s cold. Definitely, my achilles…

After playing for about 20min., we returned to Happy. Wiley, who had watched the sunrise by himself at the beach, would also, watch the sunset by himself. He tried to convince me to do both with him, but I could not be swayed. After sunrise, he had come back with some fabulous shells, so not only was he resilient enough to endure the “RealFeel” of 20 and the wind, but he was shell collecting. He’s the man!

2 thoughts on “Winter Wanderings Day #9, Fort Pickens Campground, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Pensacola Beach, FL

  1. Wiley is my kind of guy. Not sure I could get out for the sunrise, but would definitely be there for sunset. The golden hour produces great photos. Stay warm my friend!

    1. You’re definitely tougher than me. I do love those golden hour photos, but not enough to get out in the cold again. Thankful for 60 degree weather, yesterday, in Gulf Shores. Reveled in it!

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