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Winter Wanderings Day #5, Chewacla State Park, Auburn, AL

Friday morning, I awoke to a beautiful pink sunrise through the trees in the campground at Chewacla State Park. It was a lovely way to start the day.

At lunchtime, we started to walk towards the dam and falls, but there were construction or quarry trucks beeping, so we headed to the other side of the lake towards the creeks for some peace and quiet. We decided to take the Troop 30 Boy Scout Trail on the opposite side of Moores Creek, than we had hiked, the previous evening. It was a very challenging, technical trail on the steep river bank and side of a mountain. The trail was up and down and very rocky with lots of roots too. Loved the scenery along the rushing creek, but not a big fan of the treacherous trail. I think the Boy Scouts were trying to do us in. We found a big flat rock in the river, we thought would be a good spot to play with the puppies. Sadly, after one toss, Nigel’s ball got swept down river and Pippa got stuck, hunting in the riverbank. Wiley had to reach in and pull her out, because her harness was stuck on roots underground. Daddy saved the day, pulling a red clay covered puppy out, thankfully, without her wiggling out of her harness and leash. Whew! It would not be good to lose a puppy in the riverbank. We have had that happen with Nigel before, and it was not fun. After two hours of him popping in and out of holes in the river bank, he finally, got tired and sat on a rock down river for Wiley to come get him. Thus, our puppies are always on leashes. That and all the times Nigel has run away at campgrounds after hikes, when we were exhausted, and he should have been, but we then had to chase him and catch him in a strange place, fearing we’d lose him and never see him again. Nigel is the reason we can’t have nice things! LOL!

After work, despite the beeping, we hiked on the Falls View Trail, by the falls, up and over the mountain to the trail along the river. It was a nice trail, smoother and easier than the trail earlier in the day, thank goodness. I didn’t feel like I was constantly going to fall in my new boots with slick bottoms. Loving my new Columbia waterproof boots. The Keens, I’d been wearing were my first non-Merrel’s in years. They hurt my feet, so I had to get some new boots. The Columbia’s feel great, like I’ve had them forever, which is fabulous. Plus, they are cute and remind me of Cheryl Strayed’s boots in the book, Wild, one of my favorite books of all-time. Yea, new boots!

As the sun went down, we returned to our campsite. Wiley built a campfire. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful night and our fire. I heated up some dinner inside and brought it out to enjoy by the fire. It was a great last night at Chewacla after a wonderful few days. We’d be heading to to Gulf Coast in the morning. So excited!

2 thoughts on “Winter Wanderings Day #5, Chewacla State Park, Auburn, AL

  1. Treacherous? Can’t even imagine. Was it even a trail? LOL. Love your adventures. Hope to join in on one in the next month or so. 😉

    1. I know it’s hard for you to believe that we’d be on a trail like that. LOL! Thanks! We’re loving it too. Absolutely beside my self with excitement that you’ll be joining us! Can’t wait!!!

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