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Winter Wanderings Day #1, Sapphire, Brevard, NC

And here we go! I got the house all cleaned up, ready for showings, and hit the road in my car to Brevard, yesterday morning. Wiley had a dental appointment in Cashiers, first thing in the morning, so he took the van then drove to Brevard. We took both vehicles, because they both have to be serviced in Greenville, our next destination. Happy before we head south then we will leave my car there, while we are traveling for the next 3wks, picking it up when we return for Wiley’s company meetings mid-February. When the house sells, we will be selling my car.

Yesterday was a great day in Brevard, despite the rain. My soul sister, Holly and I went out for sushi to celebrate our shared New Year’s Eve birthdays then I met my wonderful artist friend, Betsy for coffee/tea. She gave me the most beautiful little ceramic owl ornaments, she had made. I just love them! I was thrilled she liked the amazonite and hemp choker, I gave her. It was great to see her and catch up too. After tea, I swung by my friend Dennis’. We have been friends for 17yrs and have become family. Dennis is like a second father to me. We were friends in Greenville then he moved to Brevard and I to Sapphire, so we still live close, despite the fact we both moved. So grateful for Dennis in my life.

After seeing my friends, I got my hair trimmed. Not to worry, nothing dramatic. I am still a long haired hippie. Between the rains, Wiley and the puppies hiked at lunch on the Eastatoe Trail in Pisgah National Forest and after work they’d played ball and hunted at Hap Sampson Park. Wiley and I met at Holly’s “Hollywood” in Pisgah Forest in the evening. Sadly, Holly and the kids were not home. They were at Braden’s basketball game at Carolina Day in Asheville. We hung out in the house with Greta and Onus, Holly’s two Jack Russells for a while after the four puppies had their fill of chasing each other around the backyard. We adore Greta and Onus, like a niece and nephew. Nigel and Pippa, being like cousins with them. Greta and Onus are couch puppies, just like our two, as you can see in the picture. Also, check out Holly’s Mardi Gras tree and dreamy jungle sunroom. After visiting with the puppies, we returned to the van to eat dinner and hunker down for the night. Still recovering and having not regained my strength totally, since having the flu, I was exhausted. I am so happy to have my health and energy back, I may have overdone it, which is so me. I was in need of a good night’s sleep, as were the puppies after their big play date.

8 thoughts on “Winter Wanderings Day #1, Sapphire, Brevard, NC

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures….safe travels!

    1. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for taking me along for the ride. Enjoy. Look forward to seeing you soon

    1. Love to have you! We will. Look forward to getting together. Miss you already❤️

  3. Very cool

  4. Looking forward to following your journey!

    1. Glad to have you with us!

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