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Freaky Friday & Wiley Sr.’s Surprise 80th Birthday Weekend Greenville 10/5-7/18

We drove to Greenville in separate vehicles, because we had family coming in for the big 80th birthday celebration and were going to be playing tour guides for the weekend. Sadly, the puppies had to go to the kennel in Cashiers, because the temps were going to be in the 90’s in Greenville, we had to entertain visiting family, and we had the party to attend. Poor puppies. It is a good thing we had Happy and the SUV and that we were in Greenville, because while I was waiting in the carpool line at Bee’s school in my SUV, the “check engine” light came on. I got Bee then headed to meet Wiley at the mechanic’s shop. We dropped off my car, which we would now be without for the weekend, piled in Happy, and headed to Paris Mtn. State Park for a little nature and hiking with Bee. We were on the way to Paris Mtn when we drove by Greenville Tech and saw the sign “Freaky Friday TODAY”. We made an obvious choice to turn into Tech and get our freak on. Bee was over the moon. She had an absolute blast at the fall carnival, complete with fun house, carnival rides, games, silly string, face painting, laser tag, etc. Bee won prizes, made friends, giggled with glee chasing us with silly string, was the only girl at laser tag, and loved me riding with her on the conference bike. We even entered the hula hooping contest. It was so special to share Freaky Friday with her, as I had done with my children and Wiley with his son. Bee is the 4th generation of Wiley’s family to attend Freaky Friday. Wiley’s late mother and Wiley Sr. used to volunteer when Wiley was a student at Sara Collins Elementary. What wonderful timing, right place, right time. It was hot, but so much fun!

We took Bee to dinner, followed by a smoothie, then met her mom, and said our always difficult goodbyes. We had plans to see her horseback riding lesson and spend the afternoon with her on Sunday. We then went to set up at one of our favorite campsite’s in Greenville, our friend, Julianne’s driveway. We spent a while in the house catching up with Julianne and her always entertaining children. It’s never a dull moment at Julianne’s. Great seeing these precious people. We left early the next morning to have breakfast downtown with Wiley’s cousin, Tim from Santa Fe and his mother, Wiley’s aunt, Barbara from Albuquerque, who had flown in for the party. We had a lovely breakfast visiting and reminiscing. It was the first time I had met them and the first time Wiley had seen them in many, many years. After breakfast, we walked through the fabulous Main St. Saturday Farmers Market, heard some bluegrass, then went into Falls Park. We found a shady spot in Falls Park overlooking the falls and talked for hours. We parted ways mid-afternoon, so everyone could rest and refresh before the evening’s Festivities.

We arrived early at the party venue to find it abustle with my mother-in-law, Jolene’s friends and sister, Sylvia setting everything up for the big surprise. It was a huge surprise to Wiley Sr, who upon walking in still didn’t realize the party was for him, but thought it for their friend, who accompanied them to what Wiley Sr had been told was a realty company party. Wiley Sr. was so thrilled to see all the family that had flown in, in addition to so many dear friends from a lifetime in Greenville. A good time was had by all.

We spent Saturday night in Wiley’s parents’ driveway then woke to have breakfast with Wiley’s parents, sister, Debbie from Indiana, cousin, aunt, and step brother. We visited for a while then headed to Simpsonville to see Bee’s riding lesson and bring her back to spend time with the family. Sadly, upon arriving, we discovered she had just thrown up all over herself and her other grandmother’s car and was sobbing uncontrollably. She was devastated about riding and not being able to spend the day with us. She was just pitiful. It broke our hearts. We went back to Wiley’s parents’ to have lunch and more family time. Everyone was so disappointed that Bee was unable to come and felt awful that she was sick. Sad.

We left Greenville late afternoon and headed back up the mountain towards home. It was a family filled weekend. We were exhausted and eager to get our babies back first thing Monday morning. It is so rare for Nigel and Pippa to not be with us. They typically only have to be boarded once or twice a year. It’s traumatic on all of us. Needless to say, Monday morning’s reunion was blissful! Yea puppies!