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Bee Day in Greenville 7/23-24/18


We had a busy week last week. After returning from Mt. Pisgah, we got word that we could see our grandaughter, Bee in Greenville. So, we repacked, loaded up, and headed down the mountain for a couple of days to catch up with friends and spend time with Bee and Wiley’s parents.

Monday night, I had dinner with my bestie, Melissa at California Dreaming while Wiley hung out with his parents. We boondocked in their driveway for the night. It was nice to see everyone and catch up.

Our time with Bee is so little, we jam as much as we possibly can into the days we spend with her. We ate breakfast in Happy after picking her up then started the day doing one of her favorite things, going to Barnes & Noble Greenridge. We got drinks and snacks at Starbucks then headed over to the beloved Lego Table. Bee gets bunches of plastic Scheleich animals and dinosaurs then builds a Lego Zoo for them as is her ritual. She made a little girl friend, who also loved dinosaurs. They had some epic T-Rex battles. After she left, some other girls came that Bee was not too happy about, so she took her dinos and left for the train table. The little boys at the train table didn’t know what hit them when Bee came bounding over with her T-Rexes. She propped them atop the train shed and water tower and roared ferociously. It was hilarious. Finally, one of the little boys bought in and played too. The others just backed away in shock. It was awesome!

We left Barnes & Noble and went to another fave, the Runway Cafe & airport playground. Wiley Sr. and Jolene met us to watch Bee play a little bit then we all had lunch outside overlooking the runway. It is such a fun experience playing and dining there. We had a ball!

After Runway Cafe, it was time for a hike. We drove out to Lake Conestee Nature Park. After a short play on the playground with some new friends, we hit the trail. We took the River Otter Way Trail to the West Bay Observation Deck. The lake was teaming with turtles and fish. Bee was thrilled at the sight of a trifecta of a small, a medium, and a large turtle. She especially liked the baby ones. She was overjoyed to find a nice carved hiking stick someone had left on the deck that became hers. We hiked back to the parking area on the Froggy Bottom Link Trail past Sparkleberry Beach. It was a great time! Always love our time at Conestee.

After Conestee, we went to go to dinner at Red Bowl, but as we arrived in the parking lot there was a torrential downpour, so we called in our order and Wiley ran in to get it. We ate takeout in Happy, which was fun. After dinner, we played a rousing hand of Go Fish then went to meet Bee’s mom.

There is never a dull moment with Bee. She fills our hearts so full and we love ever moment, we can spend with her. It was 11hrs. of non-stop activity and fun. Afterward, we need time to recover and rest up for the next Bee day. Miss her already…