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“Hollywood”, Rained Out Craft Fair, Pink Beds, Mt. Pisgah 7/20-22/18

This weekend was a lemons to lemonade weekend. Went to Brevard Friday to camp at “Hollywood” in order to be ready, bright and early Saturday morning for the Relay for Life Craft Fair, where I planned on showing my jewelry. I cooked dinner at Holly’s while she wrapped up her tie-dying to get ready for the show the next day. The three of us, humans and our four Jack Russells (our two and Holly’s two) had a lovely evening, as always. Hollywood is hippie and puppy heaven atop a mountain in Pisgah Forest. Grateful to have such a dear friend with such an amazing site for us to camp.

Sadly, we woke very early Saturday morning to severe thunderstorms. Called the craft fair organizers, who cancelled due to weather. Two hours later, just as the craft fair would have begun, the sun was out, the sky was clear and blue. I was beyond frustrated and disappointed, as were Holly and Odile, who were going to have artist booths at the show too. We had all done a lot of work to prepare. Wiley and I left Holly’s, went to the Transylvania County Farmers Market, then decided to go hiking in Pisgah. We settled on Pink Beds, where we had not been in a few years. Boy, did we hit it right! We had the place to ourselves with the wild flowers putting on quite the show. There was even a field of sunflowers! What a way to turn my day around. It gets better. While picnicking after our hike, Wiley suggested, we go up to Mt. Pisgah to see if we could get a campsite for the night. I welcomed the suggestion and we were off up the mountain to the Parkway. We stopped at several overlooks en route to the campground. Perfect afternoon for fabulous long range views.

We got a primo campsite at Mt. Pisgah Campground, set up, then headed out on foot with the puppies, who were still raring to go, even after doing 3.5mi at Pink Beds. This is why we have JRT’s as our adventure buddies, they’re always up for whatever we throw at them. Puppy Power! We hiked from the campground to the Pisgah Inn from there along the ridge a little bit through a tunnel of wildflowers and butterflies. It was absolutely dreamy! We then sat in the rocking chairs behind the Inn, overlooking the view. Rocked and talked to some cool folks from Athens, GA and Portland, got some goodies at the Pisgah Country Store, then hiked back to the campsite. The day that started out as a downer, went in the books, as one of those perfect summer days, I’ll always remember, doing the things I love, with those I love, in a place I love. Life lesson: Never write off a day before it’s over. It’s never too late to turn it around.

We woke early Sunday morning to a brisk 57 degrees, Ahhhhh the Parkway in summer. We packed up, headed north to hike Mt. Pisgah. We were the first ones in the parking lot, again had the trail to ourselves. We had hiked 2/3’s of this trail the previous year, but had to turn around for fear of darkness on the hike back to the campground. This was our first time to summit Mt. Pisgah elevation 5,722′, BRPW MP 407. It’s a butt-kicker with lots and lots of steps, nature’s stair master. Sadly, the summit is marred by the WLOS TV tower. We had a great workout with nice views from the top, but it’s a one and done kind of hike for us, because of the tower.

Rode home south along the Parkway, past Black Balsam, Graveyard Fields, Skinny Dip Falls, and Devils Courthouse, then exited at 215 towards Rosman. Had a beautiful drive to Hwy 64 then up the mountain to home. Grateful for my quick thinking thoughtful hippie husband, who had the right suggestions at the right times on Saturday, that turned the whole weekend around. When you live in WNC, it’s hard to stay upset for long. All you have to do is get outside and let the forest heal you. Like I said, lemons to lemonade.


4 thoughts on ““Hollywood”, Rained Out Craft Fair, Pink Beds, Mt. Pisgah 7/20-22/18

  1. So enjoy your adventures, keep writing and making jewelry.
    Love from Barbara

    1. You’re the sweetest. So thankful Daingerfield brought us together. I am grateful for your suport, encouragement, and friendship. Big love!

  2. Enjoyed our conversation in West Jefferson today; thanks for the information you gave me about your RV.

    1. It was nice meeting you. Love your town and area! So cool that you tracked us down. Neat running into another Pleasure-Way owner and swapping stories. Hope to see you down the road!

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