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Sapphire, Asheville, Brevard, Asheville, Sapphire, & Summerville, SC 5/25-28/18

Really? You ask yourself upon reading the title of this post. Yes, really. This is the story of my life, except for the new addition of Summerville, this go around. Busy Memorial Day weekend, lots of driving and rain, but lots of fun! After driving back and forth to Brevard all week, taking care of a dear friend, who had retinal surgery, I drove my car to Asheville Friday to get a jump on moving Miles out of the dorm before Saturday’s pick up after graduation. Upon arrival, Miles insisted we drive across town to Moe’s to eat. Afterward, we packed up his room and I headed back towards Brevard to meet Wiley and the puppies in Happy at Hollywood. We boondocked at Hollywood for the night to enjoy White Squirrel Festival in downtown Brevard with Holly, her children, and her sister, Kristi. We ate dinner from the Oskar Blues Chub Wagon and listened to some great music outdoors on Main St. It was a lovely evening with only a few sprinkles, thank goodness.

Saturday, we met Holly & Co. at Mayberry’s in Brevard for breakfast. We sat outside with the puppies, which was nice. Mayberry’s is our breakfast/brunch spot downtown. They have these insane waffle or pancake breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, and sausage or bacon. Once every 6mos, we’d treat ourselves to one, but now we are on a gluten free/low FODMAP diet for Wiley’s IBS, so we got a yummy scramble bowl without the evil cheese, mushroom, or onion. We are adapting.

After breakfast, we walked around the festival checking out all the vendors. They had a huge vendor turnout. We really enjoyed the art, jewelry, and crafts. The puppies loved all the fuss being made over them and met some new furry friends. I got a pretty batik halter top to wear with my overalls, a beautiful wood crochet needle at Sun Dragon Art & Fiber, and a pink dinosaur marionette for Bee. In the afternoon, we drove in and out of the rain to Asheville in Happy to pick Miles up for summer vacation. With intermittent rain, we got Miles, all his furniture, and electronics then headed back to Sapphire, after swinging by Hollywood to pick up my car with the rest of Miles’ stuff. When we got home, of course it was raining, as it has everyday for 15 days…We had to unload both vehicles under the carport. Mission accomplished. It’s officially summer!!!

Miles is officially a senior in high school! Funny that he was looking so “Risky Business” Saturday at Asheville School graduation…As soon as we dumped everything in his room, he hopped in his car and went to pick up a friend to head to Brevard to go bowling for the evening, not many options for night life for mountain teens.

Upon, returning from Brevard in the torrential rain, Miles took his friend home. When he went to turn his car around in the grass to go forward up the long gravel drive, he got stuck in the mud. It was now 11:30pm. He and his friend tried 2×4’s and shingles. Nothing worked. We’ve had 15+ inches of rain lately. The ground is saturated and mushy. Did I mention the “friend” was a girl, whose dad was out of town and wasn’t allowed to have a boy over? Like I said, Risky Business. So, at midnight, I got in my car and drove 30 minutes through the mountains in a monsoon to retrieve Miles. Said friend’s dad would be home some time Sunday, so our plan was to get there and get the car first thing in the morning. I felt like I’d been pulled into a teen movie.

We got up Sunday morning, went to Lake Glenville to pick up Miles’ super handy buddy, Harrison, who had tow straps. We then drove a ways past Cashiers into the holler to get the car. Harrison at 17 is a real pro. He wrapped the straps around a stump and pulled the car out three different times before Miles could get clear of the mud to the gravel. Shotgun face off with angry dad averted. Whew!

Life with a teenager is never dull. I told Miles if this is what the first 12hrs of summer vacation looks like, I’m concerned. Please send some positive vibes and an abundance of good decisions our way. We’re going to need a lot of them this summer…

After, racing home and showering, I hopped in Happy with Wiley and the puppies to make my niece, Eliza’s high school graduation party at my brother’s home in Summerville, SC by 6:00pm, a 4.5 hour drive. Miles and his buddy, were to drive separately after his friend got off work at the Glenville Marina. They got as far as Greenville and decided not to make the drive to Summerville. The lure of the big city was just too much for the mountain boys. There was a lovely party at my brother’s for our UGA bound beauty. It was great to be with my family. We boondocked in the driveway, had a lovely breakfast with the fam, and headed back to the mountains. We wanted to make a stop at Congaree National Park in Columbia, SC to hike in the swamp a bit , but it was raining, so we’ll have to do it another time. I’ve been several times, but Wiley hasn’t ever been. I am eager to share it with him. Special place to add to your list if you haven’t been. Arrived home to Sapphire before dark in the rain. Crazy amount of driving for Memorial Day, a lot of rain, but good times with friends and family, which is how the holiday is supposed to be spent. Grateful!