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Greenville, Rained Out Camping Bee Weekend, Another Staycation in Sapphire…5/17-20/18

We boondocked in the in-laws driveway in Greenville Thursday night after going to a belated Mother’s Day dinner with Wiley Sr, Jolene, and Wiley III at Portofinos, a Wimberly family favorite. Our plans for the weekend were to take Bee camping at Curtis Creek Campground in Pisgah National Forest in Old Fort, NC, to hike from the campground, and to visit Catawba Falls nearby on the way in or out. Sadly, with an entire weekend of rain forecasted, we opted to pick Bee up and bring her home to Sapphire. She was more than happy with that, so excited about coming to the mountains she loves to explore and play with all her toys at Mimi (me) and Pop’s (Wiley).

With breaks in the rain Friday and Saturday, we made the most of our time with Bee, exploring in the neighborhood and nearby areas. We got rained on, but that didn’t dampen our spirits or our sense of adventure. Friday early evening, during a brief pause in the rain, we drove the golf cart down to Miller Park to check out the river and falls flow from all the rain. We could not go past the bottom step at the falls, because the water was so high. Bee was disappointed that we could not swim and play, but it was too rough. Told her we’d try again over the next couple of days.

Saturday morning, with rain coming down hard, Bee donned her tutu, we loaded up in the car with the puppies, and headed down the road to the Gorges State Park Visitor’s Ctr. We had a fun time exploring all the nature and science exhibits with Bee. She loved looking at insects and plants under the microscope, creating her own waterfall, and decorating a Gorges post card to mail to her mom. At the Art in the Park event being held there, Bee loved talking with the artists and bought two prints from local artists. The Visitor’s Ctr was a big hit and a great thing to do with little ones on a rainy day in the area. We left Gorges and went to Silver Run Falls in Cashiers, during a break in the storm. We took the short hike on the flooded trail to the top then the bottom of the falls. By the time we reached the bottom, the rain was coming down again and we were the only ones there. The amount of water was insane and so loud after the torrential rains we’ve had. Bee was a little intimidated by it. She loved the hike and the little cave she found though.

We left the falls and went for lunch at Slabtown Pizza in Cashiers, which is a must in our neck of the woods. I am not a pizza person myself, but it is delicious and their seasonal salads are divine. After lunch, it was just misting, so we went to visit Whitewater Falls. We could barely see the falls from the viewing area, due to the mist and fog, but we were glad we stopped. Bee had a ball adventuring in the rain. She had on her water shoes and jumped in every available puddle. It’s the little things that bring such joy.

Sunday, we woke to sunshine, Hallelujah!!! Bee and Pop went down to the river in the neighborhood where Bee found a yellow monarch butterfly stuck in a mud puddle. She gently lifted it out of the mud, named her “Bella” and brought her home. She gave Bella some azalea flowers and left her to dry out on the cabinet on our front porch. After a while, Bella flew away. Rescue success! After some lunch, we hiked on the neighborhood trails to both Rockhouse Falls and Double Fern Falls. Bee was totally in her element exploring, rock climbing, “caving” and playing in the creeks. She loves her mountain home!

Sunday, on our way back to Greenville, we stopped by Long Shoals Wayside Park on Hwy 11 in Pickens, SC to share the sliding rock and swimming hole with Bee, who had never been. She was not in a bathing suit, but that didn’t stop her from having a ball, splashing around in the shallow water with new friends she made. We stopped at the Dollar General in Pickens and got her some dry clothes for the trip home. They had a unicorn dress, so things could not have worked out any better for our little sweetie. It was a fabulous weekend, camping rainout and all!