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Mother’s Day Weekend Mountain Staycation 5/11-13/18

We were supposed to spend 5/11-13 at Thunder Rock Campground in Copperhill, TN 1.8 miles from the Ocoee Whitewater Center. We had been looking forward to exploring this area that we had only ever driven through in the past. There was to be good hiking right from the campground. Sadly, upon hearing the 90 degree weather forecast for the weekend, we cancelled, deciding to stay home, where it was going to be in the 70’s. We do not like to run the A/C in Happy, because of the noise. We prefer staying where it’s cool at higher elevations, where we can have the widows open to enjoy fresh air, not have noisy A/C. That being said, when you’re lucky enough to live in the Sapphire, NC, staying home is not a bad thing, but instead a chance to explore our own area, where we have only scratched the surface since moving here in summer 2016, because we are always traveling.

Saturday, we did a fabulous hike with our fur babies. We discovered a treasure hidden in plain sight, only 5min from home. Just South of Gorges State Park, there is a trailhead at Brewer Rd and Hwy 281 that takes you to a series of 10+ waterfalls on the Thompson River, which drops into Lake Jocassee.

We only did two falls, Reid Branch & High Falls, but can’t wait to go back and do more. Wow! Just Wow! We had to scramble over/down rocks, wade across the river (definitely wear river sandals, not boots), and hike down a creek, but oh so worth it. Challenging, but such fun! Definitely returning this summer to swim in the fabulous pools at the base of both these falls and to find the other falls.

Nigel and Pippa loved the adventure! Nigel played ball and swam at the base of High Falls, while Pippa hunted in the underbrush and between the rocks.

We didn’t see any other hikers the whole time. Felt like we had stumbled upon a secret magical forest waterfall wonderland. This is a gem not to be missed. Telling you, my people, but don’t tell others. Haha! Happy trails!

When your children aren’t home and you have to make your own Mother’s Day brunch…Shout out to my HMH potter friend, Betsy Wise for the gorgeous plate and mug. It was disappointing to cancel our camping trip, difficult not being with my children on Mother’s Day, then add having lost my own mother 20yrs ago, but despite all that, so grateful to Wiley, Nigel, Pippa, and Sapphire for an absolutely lovely weekend.