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Brevard 4/27-29/18

Took a 30 minute trek down the mountain to Brevard for the weekend. Friday was a beautiful night for my HMH jewelry’s Brevard premiere at the Color Wheel Gallery’s Grand Opening and Artist Reception. We had a great turn out, funky tunes, and delectable food. Thank you, HMH friend, Joy for the lovely pictures of the evening!

Boondocked at my friend, Holly’s mountaintop property in Pisgah Forest all weekend. “Hollywood” is one of our favorite campsites and has turned into our Brevard home. As always, thanks, Holly! Before heading to the BBQ Festival, we started our Saturday with a short, but absolutely gorgeous hike in Pisgah with the puppies. The Andy Cove Nature Trail begins at the Ranger Station on 276. With its canopy boardwalk, swinging bridge, stream with several bridged crossings, this 0.75 mile loop trail is perfect for kids, in our case, fur kids.

Spent a perfect afternoon at my Memphis family friend, Bryan Grosvenor’s Key Falls Inn for the Smokin’ on the River BBQ Festival. Delicious BBQ and incredible music! Nigel played fetch for hours while Pippa dug up a mole and caught a frog. Big fun (for Pippa, not the mole or the frog)!

The icing on our lovely weekend camping in Brevard was a hike to Wintergreen Falls in DuPont Forest. We have now hiked to all 7 waterfalls in DuPont. We had never been to this side of DuPont. There was so much water both from the falls and below the falls as Grassy Creek continues on with tons of cascades. Just gorgeous! We were impressed, but as you can see from the pics, Nigel and Pippa, not so much. We never tire of admiring and sitting by a waterfall. To the puppies, it’s just another day. Wish they knew how lucky they are. We’re grateful enough for them too!

 It’s amazing that you can spend the weekend 30 min away from home and feel like you’re a world away on a vacation. Thank you, Brevard. We love you!



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