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Greenville, Helen GA, Unicoi State Park 4/19-22/18

Boondocked in Juliann’s driveway Thursday night in Greenville. Julianne, Wiley, and I went out to Grateful Brew for a few drinks and to catch up, followed by a delicious dinner at our old neighborhood haunt, the Pita House. Fun night!

We picked up our granddaughter, Bee Friday morning and got on the road South to Helen, GA for the weekend. We had never been to the town of Helen, but were not overly enthusiastic, thinking it would be a tacky tourist trap, like Myrtle Beach or Gatlinburg. Yes, it was touristy, but tiny and cute. Super fun with a 5yr old. Had a delicious lunch on the river at the Troll Tavern (Best pretzel ever with cheese/veggie soup dip) followed by a visit to the Hansel & Gretel Candy Shop. Got lots of goodies. They were scrumptious!

We spent a perfect weekend with Bee at Unicoi State Park in Helen. It was our first visit to this “Family Adventure Park”. It certainly did not disappoint. Bee set up her own campsite in our huge wooded campsite. She had a hammock, kid’s chair, and princess castle. She and our campsite neighbors’ little boy, Marcus spent lots of time playing in her campsite and at the creek next to the playground, just below our campsite. We had the perfect spot.

We hiked, canoed, picnicked, swam, fished, chased lizards, built sand castles, made friends, and played in the creek lots. I don’t know who had more fun, Bee or the puppies. Nigel and Pippa loved sharing all the adventures with Bee. It’s lots more fun for them, having our little ball of energy with us. Bee and Nigel run, and run, and run! Bee loved the sandy beach at the lake, but no puppies allowed. She put on her bathing suit, even though it was chilly. Wiley had to entertain the puppies with the ball for Nigel and hunting for Pippa, while I watched as Bee swam and made sandcastles with her creek friends from earlier.

At night, we cooked over the campfire, had s’mores, and enjoyed the live bluegrass music at the campground amphitheater, they had on Saturday night.

On our way out of the park, we visited the amazing Anna Ruby Falls, which was gorgeous! Tons of water along the 1/2 mi. paved trail to the rare double falls. Ran into Bee’s buddy, Marcus at the falls. said one final farewell. They had a blast playing together all weekend.

Stopped at Lake Hartwell for a picnic on the way back to Greenville to take Bee home. She suggested the picnic, because she just didn’t want the weekend to end, neither did we… It was beautiful spring camping weather all weekend We had a lovely time and will definitely return. Thanks, Unicoi!