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Greenville 4/25-26/18

Great couple of days boondocking in Greenville at the in-laws and keeping our granddaughter. I picked Bee up from school Wednesday. We went to have lunch with Melissa at Lieu’s, which is always yummy. It was a fun girls lunch! Bee and I spent the afternoon at Barnes & Noble Greenridge, building a zoo for all the Schleich minuture animals and reading books. We went out for Mexican Wednesday with Wiley’s parents, Grandaddy and JoJo, and played lots with Bee at their house Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. JoJo had gotten her a new tea set and serving tray, which provided hours of fun make-believe cooking, preparing tea, and serving all of us. It was fantastic to see all of the wonderfully imaginative pretend play that was going on. Bee melts me!

Thursday, Bee and I met Wiley for lunch at the fabulously fun Runway Cafe and played on the playground at the Greenville Downtown Airport while planes took off and landed. Bee and I went to visit all the puppies and kitties at the Greenville Humane Society after lunch. She can not visit Runway Cafe without a puppy and kitty fix nextdoor. It was hard to leave without a new addition to the family. she was disappointed, as was I. Once the rain came, we headed to Barnes and Noble to read books and play pretend with all the stuffed animals. Before we took Bee home Thursday evening, Wiley taught Bee to play Crazy 8’s and Go Fish. She caught on quickly and loved it! We played several rounds then had to take her home.

It was two magical days with our Bee, where all we did was have fun, fun, fun! We pack in a lot and need a couple of days to recover afterwards, but the time spent with her is priceless.