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Sapphire, Greenville, Asheville Loop 4/11-13/18

So, I said on Facebook that I was in a Sapphire, Greenville, Asheville loop. I jokingly, asked for somebody to help me. One of my followers, said, “What a loop to be caught in! I’ll take it!”. I certainly wasn’t complaining, but her comment did lead me to contemplation and gratitude. We have been between Sapphire, Greenville, and Asheville, going to pick up and drop off Miles in Asheville for Spring Break then Spring Weekend, then visiting Bee, the in-laws, and friends in Greenville, and returning home, only to turn around and do it all again, constantly, since the beginning of March. When I paused, after I read the comment, I thought about Sapphire, Greenville, and Asheville. Each one is a fabulous destination in itself, that others only hope to visit or travel long distances to visit. I am so fortunate to be caught in this loop and have the opportunity to spend time in each of these amazing towns with people I love. Sometimes, it’s good to stop and smell the roses. Ahhhhhh!

We had been home in Sapphire from Monday, 4/2-Wednesday, 4/11, which was a 2018 record for most days home to date. So, it was time to hop in Happy and head down the mountain to Greenville for a few days. I took my car, because I was going to meet friends and have Bee for a day while Wiley and the puppies would be parked and working in the van. I met my dear friend, Melissa, for lunch at Takosushi, downtown, to celebrate her birthday. As is our tradition, we shared a yummy sushi lunch, complete with a complimentary creme brulee, which just happens to be her fave. Good birthday karma! It was a perfect beautiful spring afternoon in Greenville, so we left lunch and walked up Main St to Starbucks at the Hyatt. We got our coconut chais and sat in NOMA Sqaure to visit and enjoy the gorgeous day. It could not have been any better. Love time with my girl!

We boondocked in one of our fave spots, my in-laws driveway. The scenery was gorgeous with spring in full bloom overlooking the lake. We went to dinner with Wiley’s parents at Kannikas for Thai food Wednesday night. Sushi for lunch and Thai for dinner. Two of my faves! I was born on the wrong continent.


Thursday morning, I picked Bee up and headed for Cleveland Park where Wiley was already parked and working from the van with the puppies. We walked the puppies around the park for a bit, waiting for the buses and buses of school zoo field trips to file in and get through a ways. By chance, several former teammates and tennis friends were playing a makeup match at the park courts. It was so nice running into them and catching up a bit. Bee and I played on the playground then at lunchtime, Wiley joined us and we went into the zoo. We had a wonderful time. Bee asked the docent some good questions about the giraffe baby. We loved watching the frisky leopard cubs. To Bee’s delight the Baboon came right up to her at the glass. The Siamang Gibbon baby put on a great show, playing with a bottle and sitting on his dad’s head. Greenville has such a nice little zoo. Always a good time.

Thursday evening, we went to Bee’s 4K Spring Musical with Wiley’s parents. The sanctuary was almost full with family and extended family for all of the preschoolers. It was an absolutely adorable program. We loved seeing Bee perform and sharing it with my in-laws, her great-grandparents, who got a big kick out of it. Love that our grandaughter has both Wiley Sr and Jolene, her great-grandparents, who love her and want to spend time with her.

Friday morning, I went to the Kroc Center to watch my former tennis team play. Loved watching some great tennis and catching up with friends afterward. I met Wiley for lunch in the van, took the puppies for a walk in the new cancer survivors park below his office, ran errands in the afternoon, then headed to Asheville to get Miles for his long weekend off. Picked him up then we stopped in Arden for Hibachi. Born. On. The. Wrong. Continent. Miles is planning on going with his buddy to Australia for a few weeks this summer, so we had to stop in Brevard on our way home to get passport photos to be able to renew our passports. Working on getting my British passport renewed and getting a British one for both my children, who are citizens by decent, which they think is cool. As soon as we got home, Miles hopped in his car and went to hang with his mountain friends at Lake Glenville. He spent all weekend with his buddies at the lake. We worked on our passports this morning then his buddies drove him back to Asheville to school for his 3:00 baseball practice. My plea was heard, I’m off the loop! LOL!