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Boondocking in Greenville 3/25-28/18

Wiley had to run some training in Greenville for a group from Minneapolis Monday and Tuesday this week. We boondocked at his parents’ Sunday-Wednesday. We spent time visiting with them, which is always nice. Over the several days, I was in town, I went to dinner at Kannikkas, tea at Starbucks and Coffee Underground, had an impromptu Asheville School Greenville moms “PTA” meeting at Nose Dive, and even went to the movies. Love catching up with my Greenville tribe and keeping up those friendships. I have been friends with some of those girls for almost 20yrs. I cherish them.

Tuesday, we had our granddaughter, Bee for the entire day. She and I made jewelry and played puppies in a “playroom” at the Next Building, while waiting for Wiley to break for lunch. We ate at Zoe’s Kitchen then played on the playground at Cleveland Park. Wiley had to return to work. I took Bee to visit dear friends, who gave her a harmonica. She was thrilled with the gift. She seems to be quite musical. She figured out which were the high notes and the low notes. She told me the low notes were sad notes. We need to get that girl some type of music lessons. She said, she and Pop (Wiley) could be a band with him on guitar and her on harmonica. I love it!

In the afternoon, Bee and I went to Barnes and Noble to play Legos and animals, as she loves to do. The last time we were there, she found a Simpsonville Rocks painted rock and re-hid it for someone else to find. Since she found one there last time, she had high hopes of finding one this time. I really wished she would not be disappointed. I looked in all the planters and around the trees, but didn’t see any. Bee, with her x-ray 5yr old vision, spotted one beneath the grate around a tree. It was a Greenville SC Rocks painted rock. It was so perfect. It said, “wag more, bark less” and even matched her outfit. It was meant for her to find. I was once again so proud, that at age 5, she was willing to re-hide it for someone else to find and bring them joy, rather than keep it for herself. She re-hid it and we went inside. She got her “not so hot cocoa”, as she tells the barista when she orders, and I got my chai then we headed over to the children’s section to play. When Wiley got finished with work. He came and met us. Love our time playing pretend together. I wish that never ended. We’ll cherish it while it lasts

Wiley’s parents live on a lake, which makes for a pretty boondocking campsite for us when in Greenville. Before going to dinner with Wiley’s parents Tuesday night, Bee ran and ran and played with the puppies in Wiley’s parents’ backyard. Pippa was super focused on the odd looking geese. She tried to climb through the fence to get to them. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and had to pull her back a few times. Always the hunter. Nigel and Bee were busy running and playing ball. Love the pic of the battle of wills between Bee and Nigel. Bee won as usual. Granddaddy and JoJo gave Bee a fabulous Easter Basket and a stuffed bunny before we headed out for dinner. At dinner at Portofinos, Bee wanted a special birthday desert and made sure to tell the waitress, she needed a candle in her pie for her birthday. Her 5th birthday was the day before, so this was her Wimberly family birthday dinner. Loved sharing her with my in-laws. They are wonderful great grandparents and can not get enough of her. So special seeing them together. Glad we live close enough to see Bee and my in-laws often.

Before heading to Sapphire, I had to make a stop in Brevard to pick up glasses for both Wiley and me. I texted my Connie (Converse College) sister, who lives in Flat Rock, last minute to meet for tea. We met at an old favorite, the Flat Rock Village Bakery. My timing was perfect, because she’s going through a difficult time right now with her mom’s second cancer struggle. I am so glad, I was coming through town and could be there for her. She was visiting me the day, 21yrs ago, I got the call that my own mother had been diagnosed with Leukemia. We have been friends for almost 30yrs. We’ve been through a lot of life’s celebrations and trials together. Glad I was moved to take that route and be there when she needed me yesterday. This is what life is about, loving and caring for one another as we travel on our journey. Take the time, be the friend you wish to have. My mom always used to say, in order to have a friend, you have to be a friend. Grateful for my friends. I love you!

Back home in the mountains for a couple of days, getting everything together to set up my jewelry at the Color Wheel Gallery in Brevard, NC this weekend. Lots to do. Super excited!