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Spring Break 2018: Colleges, Cars, and Cousins


Miles, Wiley, and I enjoyed a wonderful few days, Monday-Wednesday, boondocking at my cousin, Stacy’s, beautiful horse farm, Hidden Acres Dressage in Ocala, FL. While Miles and I went to look at colleges, Wiley stayed at the farm with the puppies. He worked from Happy, looking on as Stacy was hard at work at her office, down in the rink below our campsite next to the house. Great scenery to work in for both of them, I must say.

Tuesday, Miles and I drove the SUV down to Winter Park to visit Rollins College. We had a a fabulous lunch at Pannullo’s, shopped a little on Park Ave, then walked up the street onto the campus. Amazing location for a college! Miles fell in love with the school, campus, and town. He left, sold on Rollins and planning to apply early decision. Successful trip!

Stacy had another gourmet dinner waiting for us when we arrived back at the house. Enjoyed time with her, Ashton, and Tristan around the dinner table. Wish we lived closer, but then again, we couldn’t live any closer than when our house on wheels is parked in their driveway. Love that Happy gives us the ability to spend much more time with family.

Wednesday, Wiley stayed in Ocala to work. Miles and I packed up and said our goodbyes. We drove the SUV to Gainesville to visit University of Florida then planned on stopping by to see my Aunt Cathy on her farm. After parking across from the campus and walking around to find something to eat, Miles decided both, that he wasn’t hungry and that he didn’t need to look at UF. He felt that it was too big for him and that he wasn’t going to go there. This is why you go on a college trip, I suppose. You don’t know how you’ll feel about a college until you visit. We got back in the car and drove up the road to visit with Cathy and her puppies for a little bit. Brandy, the boxer, spent the entire visit in Miles lap. I didn’t think he was going to be able to leave without her. Ate lunch at 43rd Street Deli then headed north.


Made a surprise visit to Jacksonville on Wednesday night to spend time with my cousin Joe and family. Their driveway is one of our favorite boondocking sites in FL, because it comes with Lilli, Isaac, and Micah. We enjoy time with their parents, Joe and Kimmie too. Always a good time there with all of them. Wiley met us there after finishing work and driving up from Ocala.

Thursday, we made our way north to St Marys, GA to meet more of my Parvey family for a reunion and the the Concours d’Elegance at Amelia Island. My brothers, my sister-in-law, nephews, uncles, aunts, and cousins decended upon St Marys for the weekend. Was thrilled to be with everyone. I had not seen my little brother Ben and family since Thanksgiving, which was too long. Wiley and I boondocked at my aunt and uncle’s rental house. Miles stayed with his Uncle Ben, Aunt Lyndsy, and cousins Abe, Henry, and Gideon at their VRBO.


Friday, Ben and family, my older brother, Dick, my nephew, Harrison, Miles, and I went to Amelia Island for the day. Wiley had to stay in Happy in my aunt and uncle’s driveway in St Marys and work. We only went to the Porsche Club of America area, where Dick had his car in the Porsche corral, which was a sea of Porsche’s as far as the eye could see. Miles was in heaven. We all walked around together, oohing and aahing over the array of Porsches from the earliest to the newest and race cars too. We had lunch there and then headed back.

Friday night we had a family dinner in a private room at Riverside Cafe in St Marys. It was a fun time, being together, but we were a little overwhelming for the small town restaurant. Wiley had to leave to go deal with a work crisis at his mobile office in Happy, so I caught a ride back with my aunts.


Saturday, we spent lots of time visiting with everyone at Fred and Wannelle’s, had lunch at Bessie’s in St Marys, and a big family BBQ at Fred and Wannelle’s that evening. There was a water line broken and a spewing fountain of water in the front yard, after Ben tripped over it during a raucous game of football. You know what they say? It ain’t a party ’til something gets broken. We turned off the water line and had to have a repairman come out the next morning. That’s what happens when too many Parveys get together. My, little cousin, Lilli finally had her wish come true and got to spend the night with us in Happy. She was over the moon. We had the required pillow fight, she had seen in movies, tv, and books, told stories, and she even got a painted RVing Rocks ladybug, that I had found on our travels, as a souvenir. It was a perfect night.


Sunday, Miles, Wiley, and I said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, Wiley towards Greenville to visit his parents and Miles and I towards Charleston, for a college visit and to stay with our friends, the Kennedys on Daniel Island. Miles and I looked at the forecast for Monday, when we had a tour of College of Charleston planned. Sunday was gorgeous, but Monday looked like 50’s and rainy, not a good time to visit a college. We decided to go ahead and do a self guided tour of the school, Sunday. He liked it and will apply. After walking around the college, we drove out to Daniel Island to visit our dear friends, the Kennedys. We had planned on staying with them through Tuesday, but after a long week on the road and tons of family, Miles just wanted to have dinner and head back to Sapphire and his buddies. We had a lovely dinner, caught up, then hit the road headed for the mountains. Made it home after 1am, to the cold wet mountain. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…There was a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning. I think we returned from Florida, a little too soon.

Miles is glad to have the rest of the week to hangout with his mountain friends before returning to school on Saturday for baseball. It has been a great Spring Break. Loved sharing the time with my boy, Wiley, and all my family. Feeling a little emotional about colleges and Miles. Next spring break, he will be a senior and know where he’s going to college. Fingers crossed!