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Kicking off Spring Break 2018


Miles and I left beautiful Skidaway Island State Park, Savannah, yesterday morning in my SUV, bound for my cousin’s farm in Ocala, FL. Wiley and the puppies stayed in Happy in the campground and worked all day then came and met us at Hidden Acres Dressage, my cousin Stacy’s farm, in the evening.

Miles and I had such a fun mother/son road trip. Cherished the time with my sweet 17yr old boy. We talked about everything. Told him all kinds of stories from when I was his age, in college, and beyond. He shared what all is going on in his life, thoughts on college, and his hopes for the future. Gas-$67, Starbucks-$10, 4hrs alone in a car with your 17yo son-Priceless!

We took a detour in Jacksonville to get together with my cousin, Joe and fam. Miles was craving Moe’s, so Moe’s it was, only we went to the wrong one. Joe, Kim, and the boys were nice enough to drive a few more miles down the same road, to meet us at the Moe’s, where we had already ordered. It was a nice quick visit. I held 11mos old Micah the whole meal and got my baby fix. My little buddy, Isaac, 3, was adorable as always. Looking forward to seeing more of them this weekend in St. Marys, GA.

My cousins, Isaac, Micah, and Joe

After lunch, I talked Miles into going to the Atlantic Beach Town Ctr. I’m always with Wiley when I’m in AB, and never get to visit all the shops. Well, Miles, being no shopper either, didn’t last long, but I got the AB magnet, I had gone in search of and some cute hippie clothes. Successful shopping!

Miles and I arrived, early evening, in Ocala at Stacy’s gorgeous horse farm. Got a big welcome from my little cousins, Ashton, 7, and Tristan, 2. Stacy made us a fabulous dinner, even after riding, teaching, and wrangling boys, all day. She’s über mom!

Wiley arrived after dinner, so warmed his up. We visited with Stacy and caught up for a while after the boys went to bed. Love time with my girl cousin! We’re 2 of the 3 Parvey girl cousins in a sea of boy cousins. Looking forward to a few days here.

Wiley is staying at Stacy’s with the puppies and Happy today and working. Miles and I are driving the SUV down to Winter Park to visit Rollins College. I’ve visited before. Curious to see what he thinks. Looking forward to another fun day together. Yea Spring Break College Trip!