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Rock Gap, AT 4/10/17

We camped for the weekend at one of our faves, Standing Indian CG in Nantahala NF, near Franklin, NC. On Sunday, we packed up, but before heading home, we wanted to do a small AT hike. We couldn’t be right there and not hike on the AT. We parked Happy at the Rock Gap trailhead parking lot, just outside the campground. We jumped on the AT, southbound. After Saturday’s 10-miler, we only did a two hr hike, an hour in and an hour out. It was great being a part of the AT culture, if only for a couple of hours.

At the trailhead, we met a full-timer, 7, who “lives” on the AT. He was waiting for some thru-hikers to give them a ride to the hostel in Franklin. 7 was fascinating and full of stories. Check out his YouTube channel ( On the trail, we passed the Rock Gap Shelter, which had lots of hikers camping there, just beginning there day. We hiked a bit then met thru-hikers from Denmark, Germany, and Washington resting at the overlook. Loved hearing their experiences from the trail and about being in this country for the first time. Fabulous views at the overlook too!

When we were coming off the trail, “Trail Angels” were there with a table set up, feeding a bunch of thru-hikers lunch. Perfect day on the AT!