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Go West Travel Journal, Day #3 10/14/17 NGA-TN

Go West Travel Journal, Day #3 10/14/17 NGA-TN
Drove through some beautiful country from the GA mountains, into the TN mountains, and down into the rolling hills outside Nashville to the little suburb of Thompson Station, where Beth, my best friend since first grade in Memphis, lives with her husband and two sons.

Beth and fam live in a really neat traditional neighborhood development in a cute zero lot line house. Beth’s husband, Chip is a master woodworker and has created such a fabulous outdoor room, worthy of a magazine cover. We hung out there with the puppies prior to going to dinner. Pippa was immediately fixed on their small outdoor drink fridge. She spent an hour scratching, pawing, and whining at the fridge. Garrett, Beth’s son, finally, went over and lifted the corner of the fridge. As soon as he did, a little mouse shot out, and ran without Pippa even seeing, right by Nigel, who pounced shook, and killed the mouse, before Pippa even knew what happened. She had worked so hard, and Nigel got all the glory. It was sad for Pippa, and of course, for the mouse. After a few minutes of the puppies fighting over it, we disposed of the mouse. Pippa went back to the fridge, hoping to unearth another mouse to no avail.

Beth’s mom, my “AuntJean”, has moved from Memphis, into Beth’s neighborhood just down the street. We picked her up and went for dinner at a charming little restaurant in old town Thompson Station called Circa Grill, which was divine. Afterward, we went to Jean’s house for a tour. I couldn’t wait to share it with Wiley. Her home is a museum. She’s a master loom weaver and arts collector. I loved seeing all her art and having her tell the stories of each piece. It was fascinating. I so admire artists with their passion and admiration for others work, that they’ve collected. It’s as beautiful, as the art itself.

I took advantage of Beth’s nice home and showered the next morning before hitting the road. Beth prepared a fabulous breakfast before sending us on our way. No matter how much time goes by, or how little we see one another, when we do, we always pick right up where we left off, as if we were never apart. I’m grateful for my sister, Beth and our 41yr friendship. Love Friends that become family.

After a sad goodbye, we hopped in Happy, headed for my hometown of Memphis to stay the night at my dad’s. Going home!